Nota Bene

I was reading an article today for class and I found an abbreviation after incomplete Greek quotes: κτλ. My guess was that it was something equivalent to the Latin et cetera, but I wasn’t sure. Thanks to the interwebs, I found a post by Mike Aubrey over at εν εφεσω where he clears it up. Indeed, κτλ stands for και τα λοιπα (and the remaining).


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3 responses to “Nota Bene

  1. Was this your search?

    και τα λοιπα mike

  2. Or was it “what does κτλ stand for”?

  3. Joshua McManaway

    Mike – Both, I think. I did the second one first – then when I needed to find your post for this blog post, I searched for the first one so I could find the link specifically on your blog.

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