When posts create more heat than light

Despite my better judgment, I recently got involved in a little ‘debate’ online with a guy on his blog. I then brought the topic to my blog because I felt like this individual wasn’t addressing some of my points. Sadly, the “discussion” (if it ever was one) went downhill quickly and instantly made me regret even getting involved. Plenty of things were said that, instead of addressing my arguments, were simply attacks on my person. This isn’t why I got involved in blogging. I blog because I enjoy fruitful discussions and sharing what’s going on in my own little life. Therefore, I removed my post on my blog because it was a sort of depressing record of a conversation that devolved.


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9 responses to “When posts create more heat than light

  1. I can’t blame you. I just spent the last 15 minutes reading through a couple of lengthy discussions on my blog that in retrospect I regret having.

    On a separate note, I had tried to come back and comment on the post you deleted yesterday or the day before and your blog was set to private. I don’t know if you did that purposely but I’m glad to see that it’s public again!

    • Joshua McManaway

      I had set it to private. I was considering deleting the whole blog, to be honest. I thought, “Is this what happens when I disagree with others? They attack me?” However, I figure this is probably (hopefully) a pretty isolated incident because most people out there are pretty reasonable. Why delete a whole blog when all I need to do is delete the post that bums me out?

      • Oh Gosh, don’t you dare delete your blog, I’ve only just arrived 🙂

        I know it’s easy to say, but don’t let them get to you, they always resort to ad hom when they’ve nothing of consequence to say.

  2. Are you on Twitter Josh?

  3. Hi Josh,

    I was going to send you an email or something a couple of days ago, but got distracted and forgot. Sorry! I just want to say that your points on the other blog were brilliant. You’ve just had a run in with a person who thinks so highly of himself that he feels justified in doing and saying anything, gets offended easily and has a number of fans who hang on every word.

  4. Joshua McManaway

    Hey Lucia,

    Thanks so much for your comments. I look forward to reading more on your site. I appreciate your comments on the debate too. I’ve looked over several skirmishes he has had with folks online and they seem to all pan out the same.

  5. You’re welcome. Just remember that in these sorts of conversations the major battle is being fought in the spiritual realm rather than the words being written. So, taking a step back if things get heated or pausing between replies helps. The people you are talking to may not have their minds changed, but there are readers who never say a word, yet follow the conversations. You also need to be praying the Rosary daily if you are going to engage in internet debates to do with the Faith, otherwise you will be spiritually attacked.

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