Youtube Videos on Accenting Greek

John Schwandt has put up a very helpful series on accenting Biblical and Ancient Greek. If you’re like me, you read over those pages in your first year Greek grammar and thought, “What?!”. I have only watched the first one, but I like the way he explains things. If accents have given you trouble in the past, maybe these videos can help:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Also a video on accenting with enclitics:


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6 responses to “Youtube Videos on Accenting Greek

  1. He is using Buth’s “Restored Koine” pronunciation, too!

    • Joshua McManaway

      I thought that was really interesting. I’d love to read more about the reasons behind pronouncing that way.

    • Joshua McManaway

      Thanks, Nick! I’ll check this out. I suspect I’ll stick with pronouncing things the way I pronounce them now because I hate change, but maybe I’ll be so overwhelmed by the evidence that I’ll just have to change. Do you pronounce Greek this way?

      • My pronunciation is similar but slightly different. I’d say I’m a cross between Buth’s pronunciation and modern Greek. But I’m sure I sound terrible no matter how I pronounce Greek (and it’s not like I can actually read the language so it doesn’t much matter).

  2. My apologies. It seems that that link is dead. This one should work.

    Click to access PRONSYS1%25202005.pdf

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