Courses for this Summer and next Fall

One of my favorite times in the academic year is when the course listing comes out for the next semester. Since being at Notre Dame, I’ve noticed the problem is always that there are way too many good courses. I have yet to think to myself, “Sheesh, there just aren’t enough good courses. ” (and yeah, I say sheesh.) For this summer and next Fall, I’ll be taking:


    The Patristic and Medieval Interpretation of the Psalter-

With Dr./Sr. Ann Astell, who is an incredibly nice person as well as being a very serious Medievalist. I am taking a course this semester on Calvin’s interpretation of the Psalms, so it will be fun to jump right into another course on the Psalter from a different perspective.


    Roman History Seminar

I was going to take this course this Spring, but I changed my schedule around so that I could take a seminar on St. Ephrem the Syrian with Dr. Joseph Amar. I’m taking the course with Dr. Keith Bradley who utilizes sources that are not always read in other Roman history courses. He’s a great historian, so I’m really looking forward to this.

    Advanced Greek

Like last Fall, I’m going to take an advanced Greek course offered through the Theology department this Fall. Last semester’s course was on Christian Greek hymnody and this course will focus on Philo. It’s taught by Dr. Mary D’Angelo. It’s Tuesday afternoons from 3:30-6:00 and that’s a lot of Greek, but I’m pretty excited about actually reading Philo.

    Historical Jesus

This is a course on the historical Jesus with Fr. John Meier. Historical Jesus. John Meier. Enough said.

I’m also fortunate enough to be teaching my own section of Latin I in the Fall here at Notre Dame. I’m teaching the 9:35-10:25 MWF//9:30-10:20 R section. I’m really excited about the opportunity to get to teach a language that I really enjoy.

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