Next Semester’s Courses

It’s looking as though I’ll be taking the following:


Medieval Latin Survey – This is once again with Dr. Müller and will cover a variety of Medieval Latin texts.

Cicero, Augustine, and Rhetoric – This is another Latin course taught by Dr. Krostenko. The course title pretty much says it all – we’re going to be translating and discussing works from Cicero and Augustine and discussing Cicero’s impact on Augustine. With two Latin courses next semester, I’ll either die by Latin or come out a pretty good Latinist.

Thucydides – I’m taking this course with Dr. Baron. Fairly straightforward – we’ll be translating Thucydides. I’ve read a little Thucydides already, but it will be good to really dig in and read a fair amount of his work.

Roman History Seminar – This is taught by Dr. Bradley. This won’t be the typical Roman History seminar in that Dr. Bradley likes to focus on things that are often ignored (non-literary sources). I’ve heard he assigns a fair amount of reading, but I figure it would be unwise for me to come to ND and not take a course with Dr. Bradley, so here goes.

And it looks as though I’ll be TAing again for the same professor, this time for the freshman level “Greek and Roman Mythology.” I’m looking forward to it – whereas this semester we read the Iliad and Works and Days, next semester we get to read the Odyssey and Theogony, the latter two being my favorites.

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