Counting errors in Augustine and the Bible

I’m reading through a book I picked up at the book sale on campus and I’ve found two counting errors within a few pages of one another. The book, Augustine and the Bible, is translated from French (Saint Augustin et la Bible), so I wonder if the error exists in French (if you have a French copy, please check if you have time) or if this is the translator’s fault.

The two errors are:

p. 29 – “The two portions of the list are forty-four books of the Old Testament and the twenty-eight of the New Testament.” There aren’t 28 books listed in the NT list that the article quotes (Augustine’s list in ‘De Doctrina Christiana’)

p. 31 – “The Pauline epistles are numbered fourteen plus one.” In fact, they aren’t. The text she quotes in the essay comes from the Council of Carthage where 14 Epistles are attributed to Paul (“thirteen..,an epistle by the same author to the Hebrews,…”).

If someone has the French version, I would appreciate them looking these up. I don’t believe we have a French copy in our library and I’m obsessive, but not enough to ILL it just to check.

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