Discount books

For both today and tomorrow, University of Notre Dame Press is selling its overstock books in Hesburgh library for around 65% off. After my Latin class today (which meets in our awesome Medieval Institute in the library) I found three books that I think I’m going to enjoy:

Reading and Wisdom: The De Doctrina Christiana of Augustine in the Middle Ages (ed. Edward English)

Augustine and the Bible (ed. and trans. Pamela Bright)

Reading in Christian Communities: Essays on Interpretation in the Early Church (ed. Charles Bobertz & David Brakke)

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  1. Nathan

    I love it when university presses have nice discount sales. Here in California, UC Press has an annual sidewalk sale. Nudging and scrambling is expected as the university philosophy, classics, and history department vie with graduate students from the GTU. Always good books like Cladia Rapp’s, Holy Bishops of Late Antiquity and Edward Watts, City and School in Late Antique Athens and Alexandria.
    Congratulations on your finds!

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