Fall Term at Notre Dame

I had spoken earlier about the courses I anticipated taking, but things have changed a bit. This is what I decided to take this term:

Introduction to Early Christianity – This is with John Cavadini and it’s excellent. We’re reading an awesome selection of texts from ancient Christianity as well as some good secondary literature.

Introduction to Christian Latin Texts – With Hildegund Müller. Dr. Müller is an outstanding Latinist and is the editor of the CSEL Volume of Augustine’s Enarrationes in Psalmos (61-70). This course is probably my most difficult one, but very very enjoyable. We’ve thus far worked our way through the Acta Martyrum Scilitanorum, pieces of Passio Perpetuae et Felicitas, and some chunks of Tertullian’s Apologeticum.

Greek Hymnody – With Dan Sheerin. Dr. Sheerin is an emeritus professor in our Classics program. Throughout the semester we’re reading various Biblical and Patristic hymns.

I’m also taking a graduate-level reading course for German as I have to pass a German exam in the next two years and I’m TAing for ‘Greek and Roman History’, a first year class that will hopefully win over some freshmen to the dark side Classics program.

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