An Update: I graduated…finally.

Though I was pretty sure it would never happen, it did: I graduated from East Carolina University yesterday with a BA in Classics

and Religious Studies. I was given the ‘Outstanding Senior’ award for Classics, which meant that I got to give a little speech at graduation. I’m spending the summer in North Carolina, reading some Greek and Latin (any suggestions for things to read are welcome) then heading up to South Bend to start my M.A. at Notre Dame in the Fall. It looks like in the Fall I’ll be taking Introduction to Early Christianity with Blake Leyerle, a doctoral seminar on ‘The Mystical Reading of Scriptures in Early Christianity’ with Robin Darling Young, and Intro to Christian Latin Texts with Michael Heintz. Pretty exciting! I will probably be TAing for some class next year once the department figures out their needs.


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6 responses to “An Update: I graduated…finally.

  1. Heartiest congrats and best wishes on your further studies!

    • Joshua McManaway

      Hey Dr. Black,

      I appreciate it! I’m fortunate to have had your Greek grammar my first year. I don’t think I would have made it as a Classicist without understanding morphology the way you present it, so many thanks!

  2. Congratulations, Josh! I’d kill to take those courses, but, then, I’m a pacifist, so you’re safe.


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