Lying for the Gospel

I spend a lot of time at Starbucks. By “a lot” I mean that all the people who work there know me by name (regardless of which shift they work) and they all know what I drink and are confused when I change my order (I’m allowed to drink tea now and again, aren’t I?). In my experience there, I’ve learned that Starbucks is a hotbed for several things: 1) first dates 2) last dates 3) political conversations and 4) evangelization of the worst kind. I witnessed #4 tonight.

“Lying” may be a bit strong to characterize what I heard tonight. It was more like this guy is misinformed on a few issues, though the one which he chose to discuss the most (oddly) was evolution. Why anyone feels the need to lump in a 30 minute diatribe on evolution with their evangelism is beyond me. Are the two somehow linked? Of course not. One’s personal theology may hinge upon evolution being untrue, though – now that I think about it – I’ve never seen anyone’s theology hinging upon evolution being true. For myself, I see no conflict between the Bible and evolution – God is creator. Whether He creates fixed forms or a universe with a lot of plasticity is not as important.

So this guy, Starbucks evangelizer, is going on and on about evolution (and not Jesus) and it just sounds like he’s making it up off the top of his head. He’s building numerous strawman arguments. I just wondered why anyone would feel like lying about evolution is somehow a tool or building block of evangelization. Have I missed something?

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