Thinking of getting a Hebrew or Greek Tattoo?

Here’s a great link on bad Hebrew tattoos. I occasionally get emails from people asking me to check their Greek or Hebrew tattoos. For one, my Hebrew sucks, so I never offer any advice in that realm. I also get people asking me for advice about Greek – though I’m confident enough to read Homer, I still don’t know that I’m the person you want to talk to about your Greek tattoo. I have one myself (with some Greek from the NT), but I 1) thought about the tattoo for well over 3 years and 2) I checked the Greek about a bazillion times. In fact, I’d strongly advise you not to get a tattoo in a language you don’t know yourself (that’s kind of poseur-ish, isn’t it?).


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3 responses to “Thinking of getting a Hebrew or Greek Tattoo?

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  2. Oh, bad Hebrew tattoos are very sad. I collect them, currently have well over 70 on my website. Some of them are quite creative, too.

    Definitely, the best advise for any script tattoo is: If you don’t speak it – don’t ink it!

  3. There are a shocking number of pictures of Hebrew Tattoos on the Internet which have been done badly, often for lack of even basic knowledge of Hebrew. I imagine it is the same as Greek. It really is quite an amazing phenomenon, that someone would be prepared to get a tattoo in Hebrew when they do not even know the first thing about the language, even not knowing the Hebrew alphabet or which way round the letters go.

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