I’m back

I’ve dusted off the blog and decided to return to blogging. I had such a busy semester that I really didn’t have any time to blog last semester. This semester won’t be any better, but I’ll do what I can.

Some updates:
– I’m finishing up at ECU this May. I’m glad that I’m finally at this point and I can hopefully look forward to graduate studies.
– I’ve applied to the following programs for grad school:
1) Duke (Ph.D Classical Studies)
2) Iowa (Ph.D Classics)
3) Catholic University of America (Ph.D Early Christian Studies)
4) Notre Dame (MA Early Christian Studies)
5) Florida State (MA Religions of Western Antiquity)
6) Fordham (MA Historical Theology)

– I’m finishing my senior thesis on Christian and “pagan” (I have to figure out a better word to use here) funerary practices in the Late Antique. I’ll be blogging about this in the near future.

-I’m reading a ton of Greek lyric poetry for one Greek class (as well as some philosophy and eventually Herodotus at the end), and translating as much of the Agamemnon as I can for another. I’m also doing Virgil in one Latin class and Augustan age literature in another.


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3 responses to “I’m back

  1. Well, I was wondering where you had gone off to! Glad to hear that all is well, and that you’re plowing ahead with school and plans.

    CUA’s program is excellent in every way, but it’s one of those that takes a decade to complete (and that’s without any setbacks!). The Notre Dame MA program is fantastic, but very small and very selective. My Godson applied there but didn’t make the cut; I sincerely hope you have better luck than he did! I have no love for Fordham, though.

    Duke and Iowa are great in the Classics, and boy, if you get in, will I ever be envious! 😉

    All the best!

  2. It’s nice to have you back. If you do come to Iowa, I’ll be sure to wave while driving to and from work.

  3. jmcmanaway

    Esteban – I have all fingers and toes crossed.

    Steve – If I end up in Iowa, I’m going to need some advice on driving in snow! I come from an area where the mention of an inch of snow closes all the schools.

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