Grad school applications

As usual, I need some advice on applying to grad schools.

1) List or do not list the blog on one’s CV?
2) What kind of a “tone” does one take in a Statement of Purpose? Do you share anecdotes or no? Do you mention specific professors and specific books by said professors? How do you brag without bragging? I’m finding this particularly hard to write.


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5 responses to “Grad school applications

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  2. I mentioned my blog in my application, but I was an unusual applicant in that I’ve been out of school for a decade. I’m not sure it makes much of a difference either way for someone in your position.

  3. according to what others are saying: 1) no and 2) no.

  4. stephanie louise fisher

    On whether to list your blog on your CV, I would have thought if applying for an American university, possibly yes if you’re prepared for your assessors to read it and you think it academic enough to help your application, and a British one, no. Don’t brag and don’t name drop but describe your own aims and position with confidence. Your letters of recommendation will do any bragging for you.

    Anyway, that’s just my opinion. Good luck 🙂

  5. Ben

    The beauty of the UK (or is it only Durham) is that you don’t have to write a statement of purpose! I’ve been a little surprised at the lack of technology use over here (e.g., many of the lecturers here at Durham don’t use BW, Logos, or Accordance), so I wonder if this makes them not as keen on other technology. More than crazy ideas, I think they don’t want to see someone who blogs too much since it could take away from their studies.

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