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Matt Burgess Book Give Away Extravaganza

Matt Burgess is giving away a free copy of Bart Ehrman’s “The New Testament: A Historical Introduction to the Early Christian Writings” (4th Ed. Oxford University Press). If you would like to enter to win this book, all you have to do is write a post announcing the give away and link to the post.  I know I could really use this book as I tutor the Intro to NT classes here and they’re using this edition whereas I’m stuck using the old edition. Woe is me!

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An interview with Larry Hurtado

A great interview with Larry Hurtado over at Broadcast Depth.

My favorite part of it:

It seems to me that both extreme “liberal” and “conservative/fundamentalist” views actually agree implicitly on the same premise (which I regard as fallacious, or at least not incontestably true):  If the biblical texts are really historically-conditioned they cannot be “word of God”.  Recognizing the historically-conditioned nature of the biblical texts, the extreme liberal concludes they cannot really function as scripture.  Affirming the texts as scripture, the fundamentalist tries to dodge their historically-conditioned nature.  Worse yet, both views are fundamentally boring!

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A great quote from “Jesus, The Apostles, and the Early Church”

“The permanent actualization of the active presence of the Lord Jesus in his People, brought about by the Holy Spirit and expressed in the Church through the apostolic ministry and fraternal communion is what, in a theological sense, is meant by the term ‘Tradition’: it is not merely the material transmission of what was given at the beginning to the Apostles, but the effective presence of the Crucified and Risen Lord Jesus, who accompanies and guides in the Spirit the community he has gathered together.”  – Pope Benedict XVI, “Jesus, The Apostles, and the Early Church”, pg 27.

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Honest Scrap Meme

I’ve been tagged by Mike Aubrey at En Epheso to share 10 honest things about myself. Considering I’m usually a big liar, this is a real change of pace for me.

1. I am  a terribly disorganized person. I have no system of organization for anything. My books aren’t organized in any way – just whatever fits. My reading schedule is also not organized. I am usually reading 3 books at a time.

2. I have played guitar since I was about 8. I got started because my good friend Adam Tierney had picked it up and he got into wrestling in the same year because I was on the wrestling team. He turned out to be better than me at both.

3. I had never seen an episode of LOST until this week.

4. I used to be a giant redneck. We’re talking truck-driving, deer-hunting, fish hook on hat-wearing, CB handle having, belt-buckle-sporting redneck.

5. I am the real life Good Luck Chuck. I have very few ex girlfriends who are not married to the guys they dated immediately after me. One girl is even married to the guy she dated before me – I guess he didn’t seem so bad afterwards.

6. I’ve had more jobs than anyone I know – this isn’t because I’m flaky, but because my school schedule changed so much that it was hard to keep jobs. I’ve done everything from landscaping to firefighting to waiting tables to changing oil to bartending.

7. I have moved almost every year that I’ve been in college. This is probably because I’m flaky.

8. While in Kindergarten I told my friend’s mother (whose husband is a dentist) that I too used to be a dentist, but I got bored with it so I came back to Kindergarten. In that same year we had a clown come to the class and do magic. I was his volunteer for a trick. After the trick was completed I revealed to the class that it was indeed I who had done the trick and not the clown – he wasn’t happy.

9. My academic hopes were originally in music. I thought that I was going to be a music major (Composition), but I realized that a music degree is very impractical. So, I switched to Religion and Classics.

10. I brew my own beer. I started brewing after I moved back from Ohio where some of my friends have a very nice brewing operation.

I have no idea whom to tag, so I tag everyone.


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Singing in the Reign and The Sacred Page

The blog of my friends Michael Barber and Brant Pitre is undergoing some changes.  Michael and Brant are both exceptional scholars and their blog always has extremely interesting posts. First, the name of their blog is changing from “Singing in the Reign” (the title of Michael’s book on the Psalms) to “The Sacred Page“. Secondly, and this is big, they’re adding another blogger – John Bergsma of Franciscan University of Steubenville. If you have not read their blog previously now is the time to start.

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Peter’s wife’s name

I found a reference in a book entitled, “A Cyclopaedia of Biblical Literature” Vol. 3 by John Kitto that has me a little puzzled. Under the entry for “Peter”on page 480,  Kitto writes, “According to tradition, his wife’s name was Concordia or Perpetua….” though he gives no reference for this. I’m unaware of any Father giving us her name – can anyone help me out? The only thing he cites in that sentence is Clement’s Stromata, which does not list Peter’s wife’s name.


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