Peter’s wife’s name

I found a reference in a book entitled, “A Cyclopaedia of Biblical Literature” Vol. 3 by John Kitto that has me a little puzzled. Under the entry for “Peter”on page 480,  Kitto writes, “According to tradition, his wife’s name was Concordia or Perpetua….” though he gives no reference for this. I’m unaware of any Father giving us her name – can anyone help me out? The only thing he cites in that sentence is Clement’s Stromata, which does not list Peter’s wife’s name.


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3 responses to “Peter’s wife’s name

  1. jmcmanaway

    Hey Thomas,

    That’s actually what led me to the quote in the first place, but thanks for the info.

  2. Edward Pothier

    Perhaps we will just have to settle for “Mrs. Peter”?

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