I’m now a quarter of a century old…

Where is my cane? Today is my 25th birthday. I imagine I’ll spend the day under a blanket, eating soup, watching Matlock and yelling at kids on my lawn.

I bought myself a couple of birthday gifts last night. They are:

Yves Congar, O.P.,The Meaning of Tradition. Congar’s books are genius. I read his larger “Tradition and Traditions” and loved it, so I’m looking forward to this smaller work.

J. Patout Burns’, Theological Anthropology (Sources of Early Christian Thought) . I was introduced to Burns’ work through his essay in In Dominico Eloquio: In Lordly Eloquence: Essays on Patristic Exegesis in Honor of Robert Louis Wilken. I don’t own any books in this series, so I wanted to see if they’re worth it.

William A. Jurgens, Faith of the Fathers (Three Volume Set) . Though the set doesn’t cost a ton of money, I’ve put off buying it and figured this would be a fine occassion to indulge myself. However, I’ve been working for Americorps for the last year and if I complete 901 hours of community service (something I’m very close to doing) I get an educational stipend that I believe I can use towards books. If I can, I’m going to buy the entire Ancient Christian Writers series!


After I wrote this post my girlfriend gave me one of my gifts: Warren H. Carroll’s, The Cleaving of Christendom (A History of Christendom, Vol 4). The text weighs in at around 744 pages, so I’ll be reading this one for awhile. I already own Vol 1 and she bought me Vol 2 last year, both of which I thoroughly enjoyed. I skipped Vol 3 to cut straight to the Reformation.


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6 responses to “I’m now a quarter of a century old…

  1. Jim

    happy birthday crotchety young fella

  2. Well happy birthday!

    I never get religion books for my birthday. Probably because I never ask for them. Gotta get my wrestling stuff sometime!

  3. Happy Birthday! And why on earth would you want to skip forward to the Reformation?!! I try to avoid that period of history at all costs! 😉

  4. Well, happy birthday, my friend! Incidentally, I really did start using a cane at 25. 😉

  5. Jeremiah H.

    happy birthday josh! i agree with nick: why skip the happiest part of our sorry history? i’d honestly skip everything after the Reformation book, everything after 1750 is over-documented.

  6. jmcmanaway

    Nick and Jeremiah: I like reading about the Reformation for the same reasons that I watch the first couple episodes of American Idol – I have a morbid curiosity with trainwrecks.

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