Some pictures with important historical figures

John Anderson wrote a post where he showed some pictures of him and some of the scholars at Duke. I figured I’d respond with pictures of me and some pretty famous people.

Here is me and Socrates, high-fiving one another (of course). He’s telling me that I’m the coolest – something he came to by using the Joshatic Method (he stole it from me but we’re still on good terms).



A nice picture of myself and Goliath.



 This one is very rare: a picture of myself and the elusive “Q” document. (chuckle chuckle chuckle)


And, lastly, me and the big man Himself – Jesus (who is telling me what an awesome name I have).




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4 responses to “Some pictures with important historical figures

  1. Brilliant! I’ve got to get the name of your photographer! 😛

  2. Have you lost weight? You look good!

    Oh. and Jesus has nothing on you.

  3. Nice. I just wish the Holy Spirit liked me as much!

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