A new life in WordPress

I’ve been converted. After seeing the mass conversions to WordPress from Nicaea_iconblogger I’m jumping on the bandwagon making the switch as well. This move to WordPress also represents the change in my academic interests and the need to change my blog’s focus to represent those interests.

When I began blogging 2 years ago I was an undergraduate at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. My main interests were solely in the New Testament. Thus, I named my blog “A New Testament Student.”  Though, even at that time, my interests had begun to shift. I had begun to read the Church Fathers only as a matter of academic interest. I wanted to see how these early Christians received Scripture. The more I read, the more I fell in love with them. Though I enjoyed (and still enjoy) reading modern New Testament scholars, I found the readings of the Fathers more intriguing.

So, here I am today – after converting to Catholicism, I left Southeastern. I now am a student at a public university studying both Religion and Classics. I still have a lot of interest in the New Testament – not only in the modern study of the New Testament, but in the ancient as well. Though Brandon Wason stated on my blog, “since we all know you’re not an NT Student anymore, Wordpress is the way to go”, I don’t think that’s entirely right. I don’t think this is entirely wrong either- I certainly don’t read as much modern literature on the New Testament as I used to (2/3 is dedicated to history of Christianity and the Fathers, 1/3 is modern NT scholarship), but then again – I’m reading a lot more of the actual New Testament than I ever was.  This is why I’ve chosen my new blog title: As a “son” (and student) of the Fathers, I’m able to have my cake and eat it too. I’ve stumbled across a field with a pearl hidden within and I’ve sold all I have to buy it. The pearl is the collective wisdom of the Fathers through which I can now read the New Testament. I hope everyone enjoys the change and I look forward to more blogging.


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8 responses to “A new life in WordPress

  1. I should note that the quoted comment of mine was made in jest. I esteem it only 2/3 % true. 😉

    • jmcmanaway

      I wasn’t offended or anything. I totally understood. And you’re right – my interests have changed and my blog should reflect that.

  2. Josh> Welcome to WordPress! I hope you like it as much as I now do.

    As for your shift in interests, I have gradually experienced a similar movement since my conversion to Orthodoxy, ah, almost a decade ago. Like you, I have never abandoned my interests in technical biblical studies (especially hermeneutics and Greek exegesis and translation), but I find that my study is unfailingly colored by the perspective of the history of patristic exegesis.

  3. you’ve been re-added to the blogroll

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  5. Josh,

    First of all, congratulations on your spiritual and intellectual journey. I see “integrity” written all over it. That does it. I’m redoing my blogroll. “son of the fathers” will certainly be included.

  6. jmcmanaway

    Thanks, John, for the kind words.

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